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Watumi Festival & Fringe Brasov, Romania - 7-11 of July 2010

Watumi Festival & Fringe is the first festival to introduce the concept of Fringe in Romania, promoting art in all its forms and offering an exposure platform for artists. Until the 15th of May 2010 artists can still register in the Fringe section of the festival!

Watumi Festival & Fringe is a project designed with and for artists, offering a platform where they can express themselves with no constrains.

WFF’s main mission is to send a positive message to its public, by creating a space where the link between audience and artists can be created directly.

WFF is an annual event, part of the international Fringe Festivals, out of which the most well-known are taking place in Edinburgh (Scotland), Adelaide (Australia), Avignon (France) and Dublin (Ireland).

Fringe revolutionized the concept of art festival, allowing any artist the freedom of expression and direct interactivity with its public.

WFF Fringe Section is conceived as an open space for all types of art, where both established and amateur artists are invited to reinvent and transform it into a celebration of an essential value of humanity: creativity. Fringe defines a live, effervescent, experimental, generous frame where artists from all areas meet, express themselves, create. Musicians, actors, painters, craftsmen, acrobats, photographers, comedians, dancers…

For further details please visit: www.watumi.ro