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Contemporary Art: 'Now' or 'Never'?

TitleContemporary Art: 'Now' or 'Never'?
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of PublicationSubmitted
AuthorsBerghuis T
Series Titlen.e.w.s
Keywords* Contemporary Art?, Ai Weiwei, C-Arts magazine, China, dangdai, Deleuze, Feng Boyi, FUCK OFF, jindai, Li Xianting, Marx, meishu, Shanghai Biennale 2000, Stephen Wright, taidu, xiandai, yishu, Zhu Yu

A few months ago, I was asked to respond to a questionnaire on 'What is Contemporary Art' by C-Arts magazine (http://www.c-artsmag.com). A brief report of the questionnaire was published in C-Arts #2 (March/April 2008). The discussion is still ongoing, and I feel multiple platforms should address these issues. N.E.W.S. is one of these platforms, and hence I would like to challenge the contributors to consider the issue of 'Contemporary Art: 'Now' or 'Never'?