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Cutting Slack: paradoxes of slackerdom

TitleCutting Slack: paradoxes of slackerdom
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AuthorsWright S
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Keywords* degrowth * laziness * performativity * productivism * slack off * slacker, 01.org, Adorno, Allan Kaprow, Andy Abbott, Artway of Thinking, Bataille, Bernard Brunon, Bernard Herman, Bertrand Russell, Bob Black, Brend, Buddha, Cathy Lenihan, Charles Bukowski, Charlie Roderick, Chris Carlsson, Critical Art Ensemble, Critical Mass, Dali, de Certeau, Deleuze, Frankfurt School, Gaston Bachelard, generation X, Gilbert and George, Group Material, Henry Flynt, Hideous Beasts, Igor Zabel, Jeremy Rifkin, John Zerzan, Joseph Pieper, Josh Ippel, Karen Andreassian, Kasimir Malevich, Katherine Carl, Leisure Projects, M.A. Screech, Mackenzie Wark, Malevich, Marcel Duchamp, Mladen Stilinovic, N55, Nam June Paik, Neue Slowenische Kunst, Nietzsche, Nowtopia, Patrick Durkee, postanarchism, Reclaim the Streets, Richard JF Day, Saul Newman, Seth Price, Situationism, Slackers, Spinoza, SUPERFLEX, Taoism, Temporary Autonomous Zone, Thorstein Veblen, Todd May, Tom Lutz, Tony Judt, Voghchaberd, WochenKlausur

To examine these questions – and / or others – about the political potential and conceptual subtleties of slacking by using the prism of art, or at any event on a blog whose positioning within the attention economy is clearly art-related, raises another paradox that cannot be sidestepped. For art, at least in its own conventional self-understanding, is unrepentantly productivist