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Diggers All! Copyright is for losers

TitleDiggers All! Copyright is for losers
Publication TypeWeb Article
Year of PublicationSubmitted
AuthorsWright S
Series Titlen.e.w.s
Keywords* cognitive ecology * collaboration * commons * diggers * imitiation * invention, Adorno, Bernard Edelman, Bertrand Russell, Bureau d’études, CopyLeft, Creative Commons, Denis Olivennes, Descartes, Gabriel Tarde, George Herbert Mead, Grupo de Arte Callejero, Grupo Etcetera, Hadopi, Hamburg Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Culture, Jacques Bouveresse, Joseph Proudo, Jürgen Habermas, Kembrew McLeod, Maurizio Lazzarato, Negativland, Nomoola, Peter Strawson, Pierre Papon, Public Enemy, PUKAR, Rahul Srivastava, Sebastian Lütgert, Taller Popular de Serigraphia, textz.com, The Universite Tangente, Web 2.0, Winstanley, Wittgenstein

This post follows up on an exchange initiated on n.e.w.s. a few months back by Branka Curcic under the heading of “The New Economy of Enclosure,” dealing with the pitfalls of the web 2.0 model and mindset, which she nicely summed up as the “private appropriation of community-created value.”