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Forum Lenteng

TitleForum Lenteng
Publication TypeDatabase
Year of Publication2003

Forum Lenteng is a non-profit organization for the development of social and cultural studies. Forum Lenteng was established by students (communications/journalism), people working in the arts, researchers and cultural observers in 2003. The purpose of this organization is to function as a tool for measuring various cultural problems in society to support and expand the opportunity of the undertaking of socio-cultural studies of Indonesia. Forum Lenteng collects and records data on the social and cultural aspects of life in Indonesia, both past and present. One of the methods employed is to develop and facilitate community-based media. Forum Lenteng carries out various activities, including the screening of films, routine discussions, workshops, online journal and research, such as the study titled Videobase (2009), which resulted in a history of the medium of video in Indonesia.