n.e.w.s. is a collective online platform for the analysis and development of art-related activity, drawing upon contributions from around the globe, bringing together different voices, accents and outlooks from the North, East, West and South. | Read more..

Introduction to the launch

At the launch we would like to discuss ... n.e.w.s.

During this event we simultaneously be live-blogging. Designated bloggers will take turns like a relay and report on what's happening and being said. A projection will enable the audience to view and read n.e.w.s. while other contributors from around the world will be able to add content in the form of comments to the blogs.

First, our host, Lee Weng Choy, artistic co-director of The Substation, will open the evening with introductions, then handover to Renée Ridgway, one of the co-initiators of n.e.w.s., who will talk about the background and development and initial idea behind n.e.w.s. Contributors Ingrid Commandeur, Mustafa Maluka and Rich Streitmatter-Tran will each introduce themselves, talk about their own practices and background, and about their experiences and expectations of n.e.w.s.

Weng will then talk about his practice and interests, and afterwards open the discussion up to the audience, where we can all address issues of curating and networking, collaborating and the potential of n.e.w.s., among other things. Specific features of the n.e.w.s. platform can come into discussion in the context of the larger concerns about contemporary art and new media. And we can perhaps round up the evening with brainstorming about what's on the horizon for news, what are the ways that it can evolve, and so on.