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RT : "Paid Laziness" is my contribution to http://t.co/NOp6tYi4Et5 years 49 weeks ago
Stephanie Rothenberg on Gardens of Virtual Kinship in Paid Usership http://t.co/Aw8QTOcQ9G5 years 49 weeks ago
RT : and here's a link to Paid Usership/Paid Laziness http://t.co/rBVXM5S6ur v/5 years 49 weeks ago
Renée Ridgway on Arbitrating Attention: Paid Usership http://t.co/0IAr9aatrJ5 years 49 weeks ago
Henry Warwick on the internet as frontier and the enclosure of the internet http://t.co/4CfyhyB0hZ5 years 49 weeks ago
Laurel Ptak on the Wages for Facebook campaign http://t.co/osd2qKatqY http://t.co/E1qkClT2sX5 years 49 weeks ago
Alice Marwick on the visual & promotional labor of teen girls on Instagram - nanocelebrity & popularity http://t.co/ld6h4tsS1X5 years 49 weeks ago
. Panel is @ Vera List Center, 6 E16th St :30 PM Room 1009 — 5 years 49 weeks ago
Presenting 'Arbitrating Attention: Paid Usership' forum http://t.co/v02ZFgsLuv on 15.11.14 at 13:30. 'Digital Labor in the Circuits at 5 years 49 weeks ago
! — 5 years 51 weeks ago
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