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Mia Jankowicz


Mia Jankowicz worked as Residencies Curator at Gasworks until July 2008, organising a programme of residencies for artists not based in the UK, with an emphasis on inviting artists from outside of more easily-funded western European contexts. In addition she organised residencies for England-based artists with international hosts via the Triangle Arts Trust network. This role has developed her interest in the discursive realm of 'international artistic exchange' and 'intercultural understanding' as filtered via arts policy and the institutions that respond to it. Through this role she has engaged in various collaborations with Gasworks' exhibitions programme, including Disclosures, co-organised with Anna Colin, a seminar, commissions and residency project aimed at addressing the notion of openness - as inherited from or reflecting open source methodologies - in contemporary art, critical media practice, and their infrastructures. She now maintains her ties to Gasworks via ongoing Disclosures projects such as the open research archive Pipeline and the Disclosures library.

She is now preparing to join five other curators at the de Appel Curatorial Programme in Amsterdam, where she hopes to reflect some of these interests in the forthcoming collaborative curatorial project. She is also a writer, contributing to Freize and Untitled.



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