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Space the Final Frontier

03/03/2011 - 19/03/2011 (tz: Europe/Amsterdam)

n.e.w.s. contributors Prayas Abhinav and Renée Ridgway team up for Space the Final Frontier, Mission I: Indexing the Shadow Worlds of Bangalore, March 4-18, 2011 with their respective institutions, Dutch Art Institute / ArtEZ (DAI), Srishti, School of Art and Design and CEMA, The Centre for Experimental Media Arts.


Negotiating Equity is the name of one of the ongoing & energetic projects at the heart of the DAI ‘s curriculum. The nine student participants in Negotiating Equity are now embarking on a two-week voyage to India to collaborate with Srishti School of Art and Design and CEMA (The Centre for Experimental Media Arts). Their first pit stop will be New Delhi with a half-day seminar with Raqs Media Collective and a visit to Khoj, an artist led, alternative space for experimentation and international exchange.

Upon arrival in the IT capital Bangalore, Space The Final Frontier commences, an expansive trans-spatial /trans-local investigation into the notion of ‘space’.

Public space, political space, virtual space, mediated space / the space of media, territorial space, temporal space, inter-subjective space and even perhaps extra-terrestrial space, are departure points. Students, artists, curators, architects, cultural producers, sociologists, algorithm theorists, and urban geographers will embody the practices of collaboration and self-curation, which are central to this participation. Seminars, lectures and interactive events will include technological and aesthetic means of mapping, algorithm theory and reflections on the future of search.

Guests from abroad as well as local residents and students engage with the city’s inhabitants to further articulate these ‘spaces of flux’ through artistic projects using locative media. Simultaneously, we will be developing a meta-project, the ‘Shadow Search Platform’ (SSP) that collates information and data from the participants ‘psychogeographic’ exploration of the city into a database. This index will in turn be used as a platform in which to develop diverse types of search engines.

Space the Final Frontier will ultimately provide research on the nature of ‘search’ in the 21st century, looking critically at Google and Facebook as well as thinking about alternatives. How do we find what we seek and how do we know what we are looking for?

Final presentations will be held in and around Bangalore and at Chitra Kala Parishad on March 17, 2011.

Confirmed speakers: Prayas Abhinav, Renée Ridgway, Nishant Shah, Hans Varghese Mathews, Deepak Srinivasan, Vasanthi Das, Rustam Vania