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Marsha Bradfield


Marsha Bradfield is a mongrel cultural producer. Across her practice as an artist, curator, writer, educator and researcher, she co-creates projects that grapple with authorship as always already collaborative and contingent, subject to both specific and systemic conditions and shot through with a polyphony of voices past, present and future too. Marsha is especially interested in the interdependence of cultural production, with this spread across...

  • cultural outcomes, so events, publications, etc.
  • cultures/processes of creative practice, i.e. self-organization and governance
  • the production of subjectivities, both relatively individual and relatively shared, forged through strata of micro/mezo/macro/meta interactions...

Marsha is a post-doctoral fellow at Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London. The focus of her current research is the interplay of economies and ecologies in collaborative cultural production. This stems from her work with Critical Practice Research Cluster, Precarious Workers Brigade, Pangaea Sculptors' Centre and other authorial constellations. In Marsha's current research, 'economy' refers to the money and especially remuneration: who gets paid, who doesn’t and why. 'Ecology,' on the other hand, relates to interpersonal interactions and/or the stuff n things--the (im)materials.

The advantage of both systems is that they do not presuppose a primacy (epistemic, ontological, methodological) of any one aspect. Priority is instead given to tracing the interactions of myriad energies as they enable collaborative cultural production to flow—or not.

This practice-based enquiry is taking shape through games, posters, markets, conversations, screenplays, performative lectures and so on. Developing in tandem with this collaborative research, Marsha's post-doc project will coalesce as a kind of manual for brokering value. Irreverently indebted to The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook: The First Guide to What Really Matters in Life (Ann Barr and Peter York, 1982), this manual will bring together disparate practices for exploring the intersection of value, subjectivity and cultural production.

Marsha has contributed to projects connected to Berlin Biennial 7 (Berlin), the ICA (London), Wyspa (Gdansk), Centre A (Vancouver), steirischer herbst (Graz), Free/Slow University of Warsaw (Warsaw), The Knot (Berlin), Labor (Budapest), Peckham Platform (London), 16 Beaver (New York) and Taipei Biennial 2000 (Taipei). Marsha has also authored various publications, including texts for The Art of Research II (2013), TheArtLeaks Gazette (with Kuba Szreder - 2013) and Pangaea Sculptors' Centre (2014).

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