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n.e.w.s. at Basekamp

16/09/2008 - 16/09/2008 (tz: Europe/Amsterdam)
n.e.w.s. has been invited to make a presentation at Basekamp. This evening the general n.e.w.s. website will be addressed: the launch, how we go further, what's needed, what needs to be deleted, etc. (see http://www.basekamp.com) [Bk Discussion List] are weekly meetings initiated by the Basekamp Plausible Art World team (PAW) on Tuesdays at 18:00, Philadelphia time, depending on where in the world one is. Over dinner, pot-luck and BYOB, invited guests - artists, curators, activists, practioners, retirees, etc. elucidate more about their practice and answer questions to a Skype audience, either via audio or IM. Later on the transcripts are published on the website (s) for those who want spelling, more detailed info or just had no time to join in. Please join us this evening if you can be awake and online. Looking forward