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Experimental Economy Camp

17/04/2009 - 17/04/2009 (tz: Europe/Amsterdam)

At the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) Cunningham Road, Bangalore Recently, n.e.w.s. won the ‘Competition of Ideas’ for authoring a book proposal entitled “Arbitrating Attention”, which would explore new economic and social contexts for art. This 100-page text will be published at the beginning of next year. One of things n.e.w.s. hopes to do in the book is tap the undercurrent of new economic experiments in the way artistic activities can be de-framed yet incorporate survival tactics for sustainability. At the Experimental Economy Camp at C.I.S. n.e.w.s. contributors, Renée Ridgway, Stephen Wright and Prayas Abhinav will present certain ideas, seeking counter-points, information and queries, which lend different perspectives to the questions at hand, in order to outline possible strategies and targets. The discussions thereafter will attempt to draw learnings from the dynamic media, academic and scientific community with which CIS interacts, imagining “new social and economic contexts for art.” At this camp, n.e.w.s hopes to meet and interact with people and researchers with an interest in the creative industries, entrepreneurial and economic experiments. Further interested individuals and institutions can take part in a symposium and brainstorming event that n.e.w.s will organize in July 2009 in Bangalore. 

N.e.w.s. will also run an online forum during the symposium in July.