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Asian Biennials

14/11/2008 - 26/11/2008 (tz: Europe/Amsterdam)

Asian Biennial Forum at n.e.w.s. November 14th-25th Please see Forums on the right! Asian Biennials this year have reached an all-time high, adding to the growing number of Biennials around the world. While many of the biennials focused on proportionally inviting western and 'non-western' artists, transnational interstitiality or using the respective cities as presentation spaces in a neo-liberalist capitalist economies, others addressed the specific terminology that is central to artistic discourse within a globalised world. Many of the contributors to n.e.w.s. have either visited the recent biennials or are themselves participants. Starting with the premise put forth by the Guangzhou Triennial curatorial team 'Farewell to Postcolonialism’, n.e.w.s. would like to contribute to this forward-looking discussion with an Asian Biennial forum where curators, artists and critics share their experiences of the past two months. Going beyond academic, institutionalized discourse, n.e.w.s. will be used as a tool bringing together voices from all over the world, those living in different time zones, but gathering virtually for one weekend around the 2008 phenomena of 9 Asian Biennials! Moderated by Susan Kendzulak, contributors will give brief essays about certain topics they find relevant, concomitantly they will comment on the uploaded essays. Trusted readers and subscribers, along with visitors to the site, are not only invited to sign-up as users but encouraged to join in the discussion with their comments and critiques. Invited contributors so far: Lee Weng Choy, Sebastian Lopez, Ingrid Commandeur, Rich Streitmatter-Tran, Phoebe Wong, Chantal Wong, Tiong Ang, Thomas Berghuis, Ruben de la Nuez.