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Nishant Shah

Nishant Shah is Director - Research at the Centre for Internet and Society , Bangalore. His doctoral work is in the field of cybercultures, exploring digital identities at the interface of legality, State and the Internet. Interested in the philosophy of technologies and the realm of cultural production, Nishant has multi-disciplinary interests drawing from sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, philosophy and literature. He has particular interest in understanding Asia as a method of doing research and forming networks and works in synergy with the amibitions of the Inter Asia Cultural Studies Programme.

He has published and taught internationally, exploring various ideas of technosocial subjects, cyborgs, contemporary cultural productions, youth and technology relationships, governance and digital technologies. He currently spearheads a project titled "Digital Natives with a Cause?" that explores the potentials for social transformation and political participation in technology based youth practices in emerging information societies in the global south. He has been the recipient of the Asia Fellows' support for work on 'Making of an IT City' which does a cross-cultural study of the emergence of IT cities in India and China.

He is currently on an editorial team that is working towards producing a critical reader on Wikipedia and is in the process of developing a knowledge network in this field.