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Broken webs: imagining an Internet for introverts

  • Abhinav P
    Introverts are people who do not generally demonstrate an enthusiastic social appetite. Most Internet interfaces and applications assume a voluntary and natural tendency for social bonding and seem to reward behaviour that fits these assumptions. What is our understanding of people who would broadly identify themselves as introverts? Can this inquiry inform our design efforts and guide us in reconceptualizing ways of working?
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    * introverts * social web, Abhishek Hazra, Akshay Surve, Aspergers syndrome, Beatrice Catanzaro, Borges, Darpa, Kaustubh Srikanth, Manjushree, Myers-Brigg, Namrata Mehta, Navras Jat Afreedi, Neha Vishwanathan, Nirali Shah, Nisha Nair, Noora Zul, Priyanka Kodikal, Sharmila Sagara, Shruti Chamaria, Sophea Lerner, Uma Chandru, Yashas Shetty