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Discussion of research on “Arbitrating Attention” at the Sorbonne in Paris

Wednesday 25 November, 6-8 pm University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne Bachelard Amphitheatre On the one-year anniversary of the attribution of the first prize in the Competition of Ideas – organized by Jacques Serrano and the Forum européen de l’essai sur l’art – to the n.e.w.s. collective, for our now upcoming book Arbitrating Attention, a critical discussion of the research to date will be held at the Sorbonne in Paris, co-organized by the Forum européen de l’essai sur l’art and the CERAP.In addition to presenting the research for the book on the dynamics of the shadow practices in an era of attention economics for the first time in France, Nishant Shah (Director of Research, Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore) and Stephen Wright will discuss the prospects raised by the submissions to the recent “Shadow Search”. Filmed interventions by n.e.w.s. collaborators Renée Ridgway and Prayas Abhinav will also be shown. The presentation will be followed by a debate with specialists from the different fields of enquiry central to n.e.w.s.’ proposal, network theory, digital-media theory, ontology and art: Florian Cramer (Program Director, Media Design/Networked Media de la Willem de Kooning Academy Hogeschool, Rotterdam ), Emmanuel Mahé (Research Engineer, Prospective Studies Department, France Télécom), Marc Jimenez (Professor of Aesthetics and Philosophy, Université de Paris I), Richard Conte (Artist and Researcher, Director of the Centre for Artistic Research, Université de Paris I).

content of the presentation

Thank you for your challenging presentation yesterday. I'm a student in Fine Arts at the Sorbonne and, if possible, I would like to receive a copy of the texts presented by Nishant Shah and Stephen Wright (presented and intended). I found your presentations extremely rich and I could easily place myself into your mode of thought which is why it would be wonderful if I could obtain a copy of the text or maybe you could just direct me to the links.
Gratefully yours,


Sincerely thanks you for this

Sincerely thanks you for this presentation...
Really interested, too, by the text of Nishant Shah, I would like (too) to receive a copy of the text or the link where I can find.
The pertinence off a language modulation, and the point of vew on the shadow and his metaphoric perspectives, are extremely interesting.
Introduce a reflexion on the new media is difficult, especially in la Sorbonne. Thanks For All.