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Is Art History Global?


"Is Art History Global? stages an international conversation among art historians and critics on the subject of the practice and responsibility of global thinking within the discipline. The topics are political, economic, philosophic, linguistic, and personal. Should Chinese art be discussed using Western methods such as psychoanalysis or deconstruction? Is it best to use words like "space" and "time" to describe non-Western art, or should historians try to employ the words used in different cultures? How is art history taught without books, slides, or artworks? What relevance does the Western narrative of art have for art history students in Argentina, South Africa, Indonesia, or Tibet?"


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Dear Mustafa Maluka,

Thank you for posting this reference. I'm really looking forward to read this book for some time now.
You convinced me to order it on the internet immediately! Please join in in the discussion Stephen Wright and I started up some blog entries before. (see my mentioning of the book 'World Art Studies' and his text about 'Towards an extraterritorial reciprocity....")