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Beyond Art – Dissolution of Rosendale, N.Y.

  • Puusemp R
    Beyond Art – Dissolution of Rosendale, N.Y. documents the 1975 election of Raivo Puusemp as Mayor of the troubled town of Rossendale, New York. What the residents did not know, and what his campaign did not reveal, was that Puusemp was a conceptual artist who would later come to view his appointment and the situation as an artwork, Rosendale, a public work. During his tenure, he applied the work he had been doing as an artist, in group dynamic and predictive behaviour, to the political problems of the town and was successful in guiding them to a resolution – the dissolution of Rosendale. Puusemp documented this process through a series of official letters, documents and press clippings, from which this booklet was first published in 1980. Following the dissolution of the town, Puusemp resigned his post, relocating to Utah with his family.
    Project Press