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N.E.W.S Bibliography

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Lev Manovich Talk at Laselle « ISEA2008 Submitted
How should we try to define 'cultural diversity'? Ridgway R Submitted
Eating People Yu Z 2000
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ChinaTracy Submitted
centar za nove medije_kuda.org | centar za nove medije_kuda.org je kolektiv posvećen novim tehnologijama, umetnosti, aktivizmu i politici Submitted
The Implosion of History and Context Maluka M Submitted
LeisureArts Submitted
Art and Its Own Power Ćurčić B Submitted
‘Close Relatives’ Ershan W 1996
Who Makes and Owns Your Work Submitted
lombardi1.jpg (JPEG Image, 900x901 pixels) Lombardi M Submitted
Out of Sight (exhibition, De Appel. Amsterdam) Fei C 2005
Shanghai Biennial 2008, 'Translocalmotion' Submitted
The Idler » Conversations: Will Self Submitted
visualcomplexity.com | A visual exploration on mapping complex networks Submitted
Contemporary Art: 'Now' or 'Never'? Berghuis T Submitted
Snap Judgments – New Positions in Contemporary African Photography - Stedelijk Museum - absolutearts.com Submitted
Competition of Ideas: "rethinking the social and economic conditions of art" Wright S Submitted
Nicholas Bourriaud introducing the Altermodern at the Tate Gallery, London 2009
ARTstor Submitted
Broken webs: imagining an Internet for introverts Abhinav P Submitted
Ballet Mecanique victorsanz Submitted
Casula Powerhouse: International Centre of Cultural Diversity, Sydney Submitted
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Asian Biennales Forum, Part II ... INTRODUCTION Choy LW Submitted
La mésentente: Politique et philosophie Rancière J 1995 Galilée 2718604506
Democracy in America | The National Camgaign Submitted
Broadsheet Submitted
Asian Biennials Ridgway R Submitted
The Delicate Essence of Artistic Collaboration Wright S Submitted
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time will tell Berghuis T Submitted
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After the launch, part 2: lessons from ISEA & what’s next Choy LW Submitted
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Digging in the Epistemic Commons Wright S Submitted
Soros Center for Contemporary Art - Almaty Submitted
Renaming Remaining Streitmatt R Submitted
musafir Darmawan A Submitted
université tangente - tangential university Submitted
After the launch in Singapore, part 1: slow n.e.w.s. Choy LW Submitted
Broadsheet vol 37 no 3 Choy LW Submitted
CBS - Home Submitted
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Eating in Public Submitted
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byronfgarcia Submitted
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Web 2.0 – “New Economy” of Enclosure Ćurčić B Submitted
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n.e.w.s. as Gesamtkunstwerk? Berghuis T Submitted
karbon journal online Darmawan A Submitted
Is Art History Global? (Art Seminar) Elkins J Submitted Routledge 0415977851 1
Zones of Contact 2006 - Biennale of Sydney: A Critical Reader 2006 Artspace 1920781293
Rescue Smoke, Sposati C 2007
Negativland Interviews U2’s The Edge :Negativworldwidewebland Submitted
Asian Biennales Forum ... DISCUSSION Choy LW Submitted
Svetlana Boym | Welcome Submitted
Taipei tomorrow's a lake again Submitted
Electronic Disturbance Ensemble CA Submitted Semiotext (E),U.S. 1570270066
Processed World Submitted
The Next Documenta Should Be Curated by an Artist Hoffman J Submitted Revolver 3936919054
“A Contemporary Archive, Art from Central Asia” (Victor Misiano, curator) 2005
Michael Lee Hon (Third Guangzhou Triennial) Submitted
L'Adieu aux arts. 1926 : L'affaire Brancusi Edelman B Submitted Aubier Montaigne 2700736834
(curator Yulia Sorokina and Ulan Djaparov co-curator) 2007
Creative Time presents Democracy in America: Reverend Billy at the Park Avenue Armory. Brown B 2008
Hideous Beast » Leisure Library Submitted
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|* » Blog Archive » The Environmental Witch-Hunt Group TF 1970
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Nowtopia: A new politics of work Submitted
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Greetings from the moderator Choy LW Submitted
FBi Radio 94.5FM Submitted
부산비엔날레 Busan Bienale Submitted
CultureVis contact Submitted
Gasworks - Gallery, Studios and International Residency Programme Submitted
Taipei vs. Shanghai Pollack B Submitted
The Use of Free Time (Situationist International) 1960
Reclaiming Work: Beyond the Wage-based Society Gorz A Submitted Polity Press 0745621287
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They Might Be Giants lyrics :: They Might Be Giants Istanbul (Not Constantinople) lyrics Submitted
Art Tribes Oliva AB Submitted Skira Editore 8884911389
Lost tribe bypassed by history - World - NZ Herald News McGirk J Submitted
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n.e.w.s. at Basekamp, summary Ridgway R Submitted
Breakout: Chinese Art Outside China Chiu M Submitted Charta 8881586398
Cultural analytics Ridgway R Submitted
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Boris Buden: Commentary on the Text by Branka Ćurčić | transform.eipcp.net Buden B 2007
n.e.w.s. at Basekamp Ridgway R Submitted
Welcome to Basekamp | basekamp Submitted
Digger Tracts Submitted
Performance Art in China Berghuis TJ Submitted Timezone 8 9889926598 illustrated edition
ShahidulNews Submitted
POLITICAL PRACTICES OF (POST-) YUGOSLAV ART | centar za nove medije_kuda.org Submitted
Leisure Projects Submitted
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Modern Chinese art 101 | The Australian Berghuis TJ Submitted
I want time that is NOT money Ridgway R Submitted
Extra/Ordinary Cities Berghuis T Submitted
Second Life Commandeur I Submitted
WAC | Visual Arts | Exhibition | Global Conceptualism: Points of Origin, 1950s-1980s Submitted
'Uncontacted' tribe spotted in Brazil. 26/05/2005. ABC News Online Submitted
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Gasworks - Disclosures Submitted
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Troca-trocas Guerrero I Submitted
How Copyright Law Changed Hip Hop.Interview with Chuck D & Hank Shocklee of Public Enemy Kembrew MC Submitted
ISEA 2008 (Keynote Address) Lessing L 2008
A Hacker Manifesto Wark MK Submitted Harvard Univ.
Be a Happy Worker: Work-to-Rule! Submitted
Exit Strategies: Challenging Productivism in Contemporary Capitalism and Art Wright S Submitted
The Wrecking Ball of Innovation Judt T Submitted
Boom Boom - 4th Bishkek International Exhibition of Contemporary Art i 2008
Opening of 7th Gwangju Biennale / e-flux Submitted
Man with a movie camera (Chelovek s kino-apparatom) Vertov D 1929
Plausible Artworlds | basekamp Submitted
Spiegler M 2005
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Leisure: The Basis of Culture Pieper J Submitted St Augustine's Press 1890318353 50th Anniversary edition
Preaching to the Converted: Questions on the Role of Authorship and Readership Berghuis T Submitted
Comparative Contemporaries Choy LW Submitted
Flavio de Carvalho, Experiencia 3, 1956 Guerrero I Submitted
centar za nove medije_kuda.org | centar za nove medije_kuda.org je kolektiv posvećen novim tehnologijama, umetnosti, aktivizmu i politici Submitted
"Double Dutch" and the culture game. Oguibe O 2001
SlowTV | Robert Storr on biennales, art fairs and the notion of dialogue (Part 3). MCA | The Monthly Submitted
Face Hunter Submitted
Punishment in public sphere Guerrero I Submitted
Africa as you've never seen it | Art and design | The Observer O'Hagan S Submitted
PUBLIC NETBASE: NON STOP FUTURE, New practices in Art and Media Ćurčić B Submitted
Utama -- Every Name in History is I Nyen HT 2007
ERRARE HUMANUM EST: a forum on error and errorism Wright S Submitted
Biennial facts and statistics 2009
Milkman Fei C 2005
pro.ba Submitted
BAK 2007
Off Center » Cao Fei’s iMirror Submitted
Cosplayers Series 2004
ARTicles: Free Adorno, Free Benjamin -- An Open Letter textz.com case Ambulanzen AS Submitted
An Atlas of Radical Cartography Bhagat A, Mogel L Submitted Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Press 0979137721
International Street Style Photography Commandeur I Submitted
Experimental Economy Camp — Centre for Internet and Society Submitted
INTHECONVERSATION: Art Leisure Instead of Art Work: A Conversation with Randall Szott Submitted
In Praise of Idleness: And Other Essays Russell B Submitted Routledge 0415325064 2
2008TaipeiBiennial Submitted
Should we be able to have our "cultural diversity cake" and eat it too? Ridgway R Submitted
RMB CITY-A Secondlife City Planning Submitted
NODE.London - Networked, Open, Distributed, Events. London Submitted
c-artsmag.com Submitted
Art Power Groys B Submitted The MIT Press 0262072920
Toward an extraterritorial reciprocity: beyond worldart and vernacular culture Wright S Submitted
Biennale demand, Asia Art Archive Choy LW Submitted
Objects of desire Sánchez E 2007
The Renegade Simic C Submitted
"Fuck Off" - exhibition. Curators, Feng Boyi and Ai Weiwei. 2000
Asia Art Archive Submitted
Home | YOKOHAMA TRIENNALE 2008 Submitted
"The seemingly impossible is possible" TED TALK BY Hans Rosling - 2008 Submitted
Cutting Slack extended until February 15th Ridgway R Submitted
Be for Real: the Usership Challenge to Expert Culture Wright S Submitted
Positions of Art Criticism: art as commodity and/or political propaganda Commandeur I Submitted
English Diggers Submitted
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Altercritics 2009
Express train Shijian J 2008
Transmission. A network of online video distribution projects for social change Submitted
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johnbarlow | John Barlow | Travel Blog Submitted
INTHECONVERSATION: Art Leisure Instead of Art Work: A Conversation with Randall Szott Submitted
The Open-Source Boob Project Submitted
“Trans Forma” (exhibition) 2002
Cao Fei Fei C Submitted
Postmodern Fables Lyotard J-F Submitted University of Minnesota Press 0816625557 New edition
Playlust Submitted
de.indymedia.org | Adornos Erben: Interview mit textz.com Submitted
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Portfolios at Coroflot.com Submitted
Central Asian Art-Traffic Sorokina Y Submitted
Artist at Work: 1973-1983 Gregoric A, Stipancic B 2005 Galerija Skuc 9616085638
2010年第八届上海双年展官方站 Shanghai Biennale Submitted
Pipeline|* Submitted
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Archinect : Image Gallery Submitted
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The Large Glass Duchamp M Submitted
Jinqin Ershan W 1994
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Mapping as Representation | Conflux Festival Peter H Submitted
SLUM-TV | home Submitted
广州三年展,欢迎您 Guangzhou Triennial Submitted
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BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | 'Japan soldiers' found in jungle Submitted
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Everybody Wants to be a Milkman Greaves R 2008
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"Thriller" (original upload) Submitted
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Mali W 2008
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Dilettantism and extradisciplinary artistic collaboration Jankowicz M Submitted
Hon ML 2008
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Hideous Beast Submitted
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Whose finger points at the (open source) moon? Jankowicz M Submitted
The Fate of Public Time: toward a time without qualities Wright S Submitted
Father Fei C 2005
ABC 2007
Études de psychologie sociale Tarde G Submitted Adamant Media Corporation 0543986705
Singapore Biennale 2008 Submitted
Electronest Submitted
Models for (the) People Ang T 2009
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Review of Charles Merewether’s “Zones of Contact” Sydney Biennale. Eyeline magazine Choy LW 2006
Zone of Risk - Transition, III Bishkek International Exhibition of Contemporary Art 2007 Submitted
'Loyal Interests' (Metropolis M, no.4 2007, Us) Rahimy T 2007
Is Art History Global? Maluka M Submitted
misia: A Modest Proposal Submitted
UK+CA (exchange project) Submitted
Be[com]ing Dutch 2009
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www.scca.ba Submitted
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Conflux Festival Submitted
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feral trade courier Rich K Submitted
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.:: Welcome to P U K A R ::. Submitted
Voghchaberd Submitted
Biennale of Sydney 2008 | Australia's Festival of Contemporary Art Submitted
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Experimental Economy Camp Ridgway R Submitted
Cautionary Tales: Critical Curating Martin J-H, Arrhenius S, Carrier D, Groys B, Fowle K, Hickey D, Kapur G, Lee YC, Strauss DL Submitted apexart 1933347104
A few images from the launch of n.e.w.s. at The Substation, in conjunction with ISEA2008 Choy LW Submitted
untitled photograph Nontsikelelo ‘L’ V 2004
Launch of n.e.w.s. at ISEA 2008 Ridgway R Submitted
Réseaux de stoppages(Network of Stoppages) Submitted
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Asian Biennales Forum ... OPENING REMARKS by PANELISTS Choy LW Submitted
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Center for Contemporary Art & Politics, College of Fine Arts/UNSW, Sydney Submitted
n.e.w.s. on FBI Radio Berghuis T Submitted
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