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Competition of Ideas

We are very delighted to announce that n.e.w.s. has won the 'Competition of Ideas', with our text Reinvesting attention surplus in plausible artworlds.

Following a proposition from Jacques Serrano (Association Forum de l'Essai sur l'Art) who conceived the event, this invitation asked to rethink the social and economic conditions of art by questioning conceptions inherited from the twentieth century, seeking to present the artworld – as well as the political and intellectual worlds – with two forceful proposals, developed by two European thinkers, whether they be individual artists, critics, curators, philosophers, sociologists, economists, jurists, etc. or online communities, like n.e.w.s. We have a year to develop our proposal into a 100 page essay and we look forward to completing this challenge, together. This first prize of 10.000 Euros is generously supported by the Mondriaan Foundation.