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Ingrid Commandeur, contributor

Ingrid Commandeur will discuss her practice and n.e.w.s.

Metropolis some of the latest theme issues: the market, state and private funded organisations.

My specialisation is Southeast asia. These cities in are the basis of my research as the basis. GHanzou, Tokyo, Shangai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul resulted in various kinds of writing.

I found a stance outside of a Eurocentric view of art, Which was my goal.

The winner is the one who knows two sides of the battle scene.

Art, entertainment, society how they mingle and mix wre my interests.

At that time in 2002, there was very little info so I started up a website, artlog.nl
Publishing on the Internet allows you to find your own niche.Zemanta Pixie


why n.e.w.s.?

Because of the online publishing and finding this voice, or niche.

Using the Documenta project from the 12, people could access each other through this database and have contact, peer to peer, so that one could gain knowledge this way.

I gained much insight and knowledge, through this blog like structure. N.e.w.s. is direct, whetehr blog,m lengthy text, or image... only 10 contributors is small, intimate. It is really building up a local community wher you can experience differnte publishing potentials.


what will result

don't know yet