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Troca-trocas is a curatorial platform aimed at researching artistic practices, aspects of vernacular culture and both legal and activist agendas that work with the construction of gender and sexuality within the context of the politics of representation and social participation of homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders in Rio de Janeiro.

Through public and private encounters, workshops, exhibitions and publications, troca-trocas will facilitate ‘exchanges of knowledge’ (troca-trocas de conhecimento) with local artists, cultural agents, scholars, politicians and activists.

At a historical moment where the Gay International’s globalizing formats of ethics and identification - such as "Gay pride" and "LGBT” as a uniforming label - are adopted in different local contexts around the world, troca-trocas deals with practices that re-imagine the construction of gender and sexuality in the public sphere of Rio de Janeiro.

“Troca-trocas” is Portuguese for "exchanges". In the male gay slang of Brazil it refers to "fucking equally", where he who receives also gives and he who gives also receives. However, in the general Brazilian slang, "troca-trocas" also describes the experiences of sexual discovery and experimentation during childhood.

Inti Guerrero