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Ingrid Commandeur


‘It is interesting to withdraw from one’s own usual context and meet a new world, especially today, when cultural and ideological Hybridizations have become an irreversible fact. (…)

The winner is the one who masters the two sides of the battlefield’, Chen Zhen. Ingrid Commandeur (1970) is an Amsterdam based art critic and editor at large of METROPOLIS M, Magazine for contemporary art (2004-present). From 2003 until 2005 she did a research project about the institutional context of upcoming contemporary artscenes in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo. This has profoundly influenced her practice as an art critic. Next to articles related to this project she wrote articles about many different subjects, ranging from ‘Art and censorship after 9/11’, international exhibitions (Sculpture Projekte Münster, Documenta), to most recently an article about the international shift from public to private money in the arts: ‘Organized Magnanimity. The New Art Patron’.

She contributed to theme issues of METROPOLIS M on such different subjects as: ‘Art Criticism’, ‘Art and the notion of community’, ‘Naked’ (which was a reference to one of the themes of documenta 12 ‘Bare Life’, METROPOLIS M took part at the Documenta Magazines Project), ‘Expanding Academy’, ‘Fake Identities’, ‘Art and Politics’, ‘Performativity in the arts’, ‘Indian Contemporary art’, ‘Money, Market, Patronage’, et cetera. Her field of interests are: World Art Studies, Artistic Research (what does this really entail, how does is influence young artists, how does it connect to the context and development of contemporary art?) and Contemporary art from Eastern Asia/China (in particular the influence of globalisation and the neo liberal economic tendencies on the development of the contemporary art and institutional structures). She is member of AICA, Association internationale des critiques d’art; committee member Foundation for Arts, Architecture and Design, The Netherlands and member of the Board of the Amsterdam based artist initiative Performance Lab. www.metropolism.com

Selected publications Ingrid Commandeur, ‘Organized Magnanimity. The New Art Patron’, METROPOLIS M, No.3 2008. -, ‘The Utopia of a Cut-Out King: Karen Sargsyan’, METROPOLIS M, No.6 2007/2008. -, ‘Art critic & internet’, METROPOLIS M, No. 6 2006/2007. - Privat initiatives and economic Growth in Eastern Asia: a bless or a trial for the arts?, lecture BAK, basis for actuele kunst, 2006. -, ‘Anj Smith. Obsessive Paintings’, METROPOLIS M, No.4 2006. -, ‘A plea for China with as less as possible chineseness’ (About the Symposium The New New Human Being, NAi Rotterdam, organized as part of the exhibition China Contemporary. Architecture, Art en beeldcultuur), Archined, 28 juni 2006. -, ‘Cao Fei. Hard Politics with a sugarsweet coating’, METROPOLIS M, No.1 2006. -, ‘9e Instanbul Biennial. Interview with Charles Esche/Vasíf Kortun, METROPOLIS M, No.4 2005. -, ‘China first hand’, Stedelijk Museum Bulletin, No.4 2005. -, ‘Yang Fudong’, Museumtijdschrift, No.7 2005. -, ‘Pages: Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi’, METROPOLIS M, No.2 2005. -, ‘Who is the enemy? Censorship in the arts after 2/11’, METROPOLIS M, No.2 2005. -, ‘Too Much Flavour. Interview met Gu Zhenqing’, METROPOLIS M, No.6 2004. -, ‘BizArt and the Rise of the Creative Class’, catalogue BizArt Failed Art Center, Shanghai, september 2004. -, ‘An Evening in Shanghai. Performance as a symbol of a radically changing city’, Tubelight 31, april 2004. -, ‘New limits of unbounded ugliness. Interview with Xu Zhen’, Artlog, maart 2004. -, ‘Station Beijing. The art of urban guerrilla’, Metropolis M, No.3 2003. -, ‘Documenta 1-11. Symbol for a new worldorder’, Metropolis M, No.3 2002.



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